Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Process to Become an Advocate

Being a lawyer , or a lawyer who is now better known as Advocate possible is the goal of most students in the Faculty of Advocates real Hukum.Menjadi it was difficult struggle . To become an advocate a process that must be overcome are : 1.Setelah graduated from law school and holds a law degree and then follow the Special Education Profession Advocate organized by the Association of Indonesian Advocates for 3 months . 2.After passed the PKPA and certified PKPA Advocate Examination organized by PERADI . 3.The Passed Exam PERADI Advocate is an intern for 2 years . 4 . Implementation of Apprenticeship for Candidates Advocate One of the requirements that must be passed to become a lawyer is an internship for 2 ( two ) years in office continuously advocate . Advocate Office Requirements Candidates Accepting Intern Advocate Advocate Office can receive internship is the Advocate 's Office meets the requirements below : a. Founded by one or more of the Advocate who has been registered in the Register of Members PERADI ; b . Advocates availability can be a companion Advocate ( " Advocate Companion " ) to the Candidate Advocates who run apprenticeship ; c . Willing to issue certificate of apprenticeship ( " Internship Certificate " - Example is attached as Appendix 1 ) , which describes that the Advocate Candidates have to undergo internship in the Office of the Advocate and explain the term of apprenticeship Candidate Advocate ; d . Willing to provide evidence that the candidate has undergone Advocate intern in the Office of the Advocate ; e . Willing to make periodic reports on the implementation of the internship to be delivered to PERADI every 6 ( six ) months and / or at the time of the Advocate Candidate stop doing internship in the Office of the Advocate is concerned . Assistance in Internship Requirements Candidates Advocate Advocate Advocates who can be a companion Advocates must meet the following conditions : a. Registered in the Register of Members ; b . Has become an Advocate for at least 7 ( seven ) years when it will start to become Advocate Companion ; c . Not on leave as an Advocate ; d . Not currently undergoing sanction of suspension by the Honor Council PERADI ; e . Not serving a criminal sentence . Internship Requirements for Prospective Advocate Candidate Advocates who want to undergo compulsory internship to apply for apprenticeship qualified Advocate Office with the following requirements : a. Indonesian citizen ; b . Reside in Indonesia ; c . No status as civil servants or state officials ; d . Graduates of higher education law as referred to in Article 2 paragraph ( 1 ) of Law Number 18 Year 2003 on Advocate ( " Advocate Law " ) ; e . Have followed the Special Education Profession Advocate held by PERADI and have passed Exam Advocate . Scope of Internship Candidates Advocate * During the internship period ( 2 years ) , Advocate Candidates must make at least three (3 ) reports the trial of criminal cases is not a case summary and 6 ( six ) Report of Session civil matters . * The trial reports are reports of each session which begins on the first trial until a decision on each individual case in question. Matters is not necessarily the matters handled by the Law Office of the Advocate did an internship where candidates . * In addition to the scope of the criminal case and the trial of the civil case , Advocate Office can also provide coaching , training , and the opportunity to practice in other areas of the Candidate Advocate , among others : a. Participates in a case or project work , both in the field of litigation and non - litigation ; b . Conducting legal research inside and outside the office of the Advocate ; c . Draft report on the work done in the form of memos , minuta , e - mail correspondence , agreements , and other legal documents ; d . Translating regulations , memos , articles from Indonesian to foreign language or vice versa , and / or e . Analyzing the agreement or contract . * Candidate Advocate is not permissible to provide legal services directly to clients , but merely assist / help Advocate companion in providing legal services . * Provision of apprenticeship by the Office of the Prospective Advocate Advocate Advocate does not mean that the candidate must be an employee at the Office of the Advocate where he did an internship . Advocates Task Companion Advocates escort duty : a. Provide guidance and learning in the practice of law ; b . To supervise the work and conduct of the Advocate Candidates who run apprenticeship so that the Advocate Candidates can have a practical experience that supports the ability , skill , and good ethics in their profession ; c . Evaluating Candidate Advocates work performed during their internship , and report them regularly PERADI ; d . Ensures that each report is correct and the Assembly signed the report will be submitted to the Assembly to PERADI along with Periodic Reports ; e . Reported to PERADI existence Advocate Candidates who are doing internships later than 14 (fourteen ) days from the Candidate Advocates do internships ; f . In the case of Advocate Assistant Advocate at the same time is not an authorized representative of the Office of the Advocate for the issuance of Certificates of Apprenticeship , the Apprentice Certificate shall also be signed by the Assistant Advocate . Certificate of Apprenticeship * Advocate Office will issue a Certificate of Apprenticeship for Advocate Candidates who have completed internship runs in the Advocate 's Office in accordance with the length of time the Candidate Advocates do an internship . * The Internship Certificate can be used as evidence that the candidate has undergone Advocate intern to fulfill internship requirements as stated in Article 3 paragraph ( 1 ) letter g Advocate Law .

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